Welcome to CV Solutions, Inc.

CV Solutions Is a Leading Supplier of High Speed Internet Access To Businesses in Cape Verde and West Coast Africa

CV Solutions connects businesses on the West Coast of Africa to the Internet using highly reliably, secure satellite communications links to the CV Solutions access point in the United States. Small and medium business customers requiring high-speed Internet access and wholesale providers of Internet access to residential and small business customers benefit from economical, scalable connectivity to a major Internet exchange point in the US.

CV Solutions also supports SIP-based voice-over-IP telephony and broadcast video transmission, allowing customers to offer important value-added services to their customer base. Our highly scalable architecture supports up to 10 Mbps downstream per satellite receiver point, supporting medium-sized businesses or service providers offering residential high-speed Internet access using wired or wireless technologies.

CV Solutions partners with leading, field-proven equipment and Internet access providers that provide communication and IP networking services around the world. The result is a solution that provides business-class services and reliability with the flexibility to economically serve both business and residential customers.

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